British man won £500,000 from a single bet

    The UK is one of those countries where betting is a kind of religion. People place their bets whenever they can find an object for betting.

    For instance, country was on its toes when Kate and William welcomed their daughter and were choosing a nice name for her. Bookmakers reportedly accepted record number of bets on each island.

    When it was finally announced, bet UK was celebrating multiple wins for a few weeks. Because that was the easy one. How about more complicated cases?

    The biggest winner

    The biggest prize over the last 18 years was scooped recently by unnamed Manchester United fan.

    This desperate guy had his last 30 pounds and have not found a better way of using them as placing this pretty small sum on the next match of the team, that kicked off Manchester from yearly championship.

    He thought that if Bayern Munich were strong enough to defeat his favorite team, they would soon get the title. Moreover, it actually happened.

     This is not the first time this guy makes a fortune out nothing. 1999 he placed a bet of £2.50 when Manchester won Champions League final. His ratio was insane – 1,666,666-to-one. That single bet brought him over £150,000. After his first success, he promised to come back to that betting office and do them again.

    Since that time, his name is kept a secret. We only know that he is a hard-working family man who is a real Manchester United fan.

    Secret tips

    If you have never tried your luck at Bookmakers’ but willing to do it soon, think of three simple things:

  1. What do you like the most?
  2. What do you know the best?
  3. What sum of cash will not harm your budget?

    It is strongly recommended to play on something you like and know. When spending much time involved in any activity, we learn the algorithm and find out all details on how this mechanism functions.

    If you love basketball – every transfer brings more information to you than for guys from soccer session. Watch your favorite team, mark its week and strong points, study players’ technique. Soon you will know what to expect from each match.

    Money is important. It is always good to know where you can stop. Cases above show off one might scoop a fortune almost from nothing. Think of a sum you will hardly notice if lose. That is your one-time bet. Place another one as soon as you forget about your previous win or fail.

    Beginners might think they will get rich when placing money opposite to most bets. However, bookmakers say, such attempts lead to loss in most cases.

    Play smart and once news-papers might write about your six-figures prize.

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