Giants Fans Listen Up: New Audio Series Leads Off With Big Blue

The Giants’ Super Bowl wishes for this year are a distant memory, but fans can get a unique listen of the glory of past years thanks to a new podcast series announced this week from The Players Tribune and DGital Media.

Giant Steps, an oral history podcast event that chronicles the rise of the New York Giants’ first Super Bowl championship in 1986 will debut on Thursday. The podcast will be narrated by Michael Strahan, and features first-person accounts from Carl Banks, Harry Carson, Pepper Johnson, Leonard Marshall, George Martin, Elvis Patterson, Lawrence Taylor and Bill Parcells.

It will be the first audio venture for The Players Tribune, working with the company that has created and monetized many of the best sports podcasts in the market today, including ones with Sports Illustrated and Tony Kornheiser.

“The Players’ Tribune has become a destination for thoughtful, insightful storytelling related to topics both on and off the field,” added Jaymee Messler, president of The Players’ Tribune. “We’re excited to introduce another medium for athletes to share stories and discuss important issues through a unique and intimate listening experience. DGital Media is a terrific partner on the launch of this newest extension of our premium content offerings.”

Players Tribune was founded by Derek Jeter and has had a host of athletes tell their own first person stories on the platform. This will be the first audio venture for them, and for Giants fans it should be a pretty nice reminder of days past, through the voices of some of their greatest stars.

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