NYCFC Participates In NYC Mentorship Program

This morning, NYC Service and New York City Football Club hosted the Annual Speed Mentoring Event at the Club’s office. Fifty professionals served as speed mentors to 50 students from Satellite Academy High School, a transitional public school serving New York City’s most at-risk population. In the spirit of Dr. King’s legacy of community solidarity, the initiative leverages speed mentoring as a way for underserved youth to learn about new career and academic opportunities.

“Each year we ask ourselves how we can honor Dr. King’s legacy through service,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “Mentoring our youth and investing in our City’s future is a perfect way to transform his life and teachings into action. I want to thank NYC Service and the New York City FC for creating an opportunity for youth in our City to connect with caring adults. Today and every day, we must remember it is up to us to work together and give back. That is the greatest honor we can give Dr. King.”

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