Even With Todd Bowles Coming Back, Expect A Lot Of Changes For The Jets

Todd Bowles isn’t talking about coaches. So don’t ask him. According to him it’s a process and they will talk about it with them in the organizational meetings in the coming weeks.

And that includes offensive coordinator Chan Gailey, who is the member of the Jets staff under fire after the team’s 5-10 season.

However, Bowles did own up to this: “I don’t think he did very well. I don’t think I did very well. I don’t think any coach did very well with the record we have.”

Look, someone needs to pay for the disappointing season and Gailey is an obvious choice. He’s been in the league forever and the Jets offensive had no creativity or inventiveness this season. The team needs someone younger to breathe some life into the system.

Gailey was a decent pick for a rookie coach two years ago, but now going into year three and a lost season, if Bowles wants to maintain long-term employment, then changes need to be made.

But getting a young and inventive offensive coordinator will not end all the Jets woes. Bowles needs to change the way he does business if he is looking to be on the sidelines in 2018.

At breakup day today, players spoke out about the lack of chemistry in the locker room. It’s on Bowles to control that, but also up to general manager Mike Maccagnan to bring in the right players who can help defuse the situation.

“It’s a problem that they’re saying it,” Bowles said. “I was on a Super Bowl team and we argued in the locker room every day even if we won games 45-0. It’s a matter of squashing it and leaving it right where it is, and that’s a sign of maturity and growth.”

Speaking of growth and maturity, the Jets will need that at the quarterback position next season. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a few agent, as well as Geno Smith, which leaves Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg on the roster. Assuming they don’t burn another high pick on a quarterback, they will need to sign a veteran backup and allow some growth for the youngsters.

As for Hackenberg, who they used a second round pick on, Bowles said he needs to play. “There’s nothing wrong with Christian,” the coach said. “He just needs to play. Like I said when we signed him in the offseason, (Ryan Fitzpatrick) had a great year last year. Geno was coming back strong as his number two, Bryce (Petty) was making progress as the number three. So he was allowed to have a redshirt year. Next year, he has to show some progress and make the same jumps.”

And then you have the Darrelle Revis situation. Guaranteed to get $6 million next season, do the Jets keep the aging cornerback and convert him to a safety or do they just cut bait and move on?

It’s another question that needs to be answered, however a move has been addressed, even though not decided upon yet.

“We talked about it briefly, but there’s a lot of pros and cons that go with that and we’ll continue to discuss that,” Bowles said. “I’ll talk to his position coaches. I’ll talk to the coordinator and I’ll talk upstairs and obviously, I’ll talk to Darrelle about it. We’ll probably talk more about it tomorrow and we’ll go forward form there. I have to make sure he understands what I’m looking for from a safety position if we decide to do anything like that, and I have to make sure that he understands where he is and what he wants to do as well. We have good communication.”

Ah yes, communication. Too many times this year, the Jets seem to lack that throughout the team. They need be do that better next year as well.

Because if they don’t Bowles won’t be giving a presser in Florham Park after the season next season. He will be looking for a job.  




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