Coutinho: There’s No Defense For The Jet Defense

Coming into the 2016 season, the New York Jets were supposed to be a defense that would strike fear in the hearts of their opponents. It seems the only fear is in the hearts of the Jet fans as this unit has been poorly coached but also seems to lack the commitment to play as a team. This was supposed to be a unit that would rush the passer as well as anyone in the conference but backup quarterbacks like Matt Moore shred them like a surgeon.

There also seems to be a total lack of spacing on their defense as speedy wide receivers go the distance while running backs have their way as gang tackling does not exist with this team. Darrelle Revis has seen his better days and possibly he could play safety next year but his days as an NFL cornerback are long gone. He plays so far off the wide receiver that Revis Island has become a distant memory. He is so fearful of surrendering the big play and gives even average wide receivers a big cushion to run shorter routes which is not helping the defense.

But beyond that, this is a disjointed locker room on defense as you get far too many no comment answers to questions that make me believe there are huge chasms between personalities on this defense. Sports is about accountability when you lose and no comment indicates to me that person thinks the problem is elsewhere. And that is the last thing this team needs. In the NFL, when teams lose, it is one thing but when they appear to be manhandled that is totally something else. This Jets look listless on defense for the most part and that is troubling. There is far too much talent on that side of the ball for the Jets to behave in that fashion.

Someone on this defense needs to step up and say something. The Pats and Bills remain on the schedule and this unit needs to show some pride even if they lose. Come to the game committed to stop one area—the run or the pass and show some fire. There is nothing worse in this sport than to show a lack of effort on defense. You may lack the talent to win but leaving your desire at home when you come to play an NFL game is simply not acceptable. You can blame the coach but there is enough blame to go around here. These are professional football players and the Jet defense needs to start acting like pros-not a bunch of players who have given up on themselves. That a sure fire way to get yourself on the NFL unemployment line.

That would be my message to this defensive unit if I were in charge and I would also be clear that if you continue to show a lack of effort, you will sit on the bench. Hopefully that will anger these defensive players enough for them to show up in the last two weeks of the season.

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