Coppola: Re: No Presents Under the Tree

Why is Geo Gonzalez still not a Yankee? Why is Brett Gardner still a Yankee? Why are Curtis Granderson and Jay Bruce still Mets? Why is Sonny Gray not been mentioned in any deals? The A’s asking price is big. but you have to give something to get something.

The longer the Mets and Yankees wait the weaker the return will be.

The Yankees have a deep minor league system with a top prospect at every position.The Nationals just gave up three top prospects to the White Sox to get Adam Eaton. So forget sending Gardner there now.

He would of been a nice fit for the Nationals in center field, his natural position. The Nationals are getting itchy, with the thought of having to possibly pay Geo, $24 million over the next two years. The Yankees need a veteran starter and a lefty always works well in their ballpark.

LHP Chasen Shreve, along with prospects OF Aaron Judge and SS Jorge Mateo and the Nationals need a SS they can have under control for 5-6 years. They love Mateo and he isn’t going anywhere with DiDi Gragorious, the Yankees best player anchored at SS.

Shreve helps the Nats shaky pen and Judge will be the tallest player in D.C. People would pay big bucks to see him race the big headed presidents, in the middle of the fourth inning. Pull the trigger and poof, you get a much needed good lefty starter. Make the deal!

Granderson or Bruce? Somebody has to go and other clubs are going to be loosing interest soon, as more and more teams have filled holes in their rosters already.

The Mets have the greater urgency to fill some vital spots. Catcher should be number one. I love Rene Rivera for the staff, but they need a good full time catcher for the next five to eight years. The problem is that the catching pool out there, is very poor. That has to be the toughest find in baseball.

The Mets bullpen needs some help in the middle and with the emphasis on strong bullpens by all organizations, the pool of decent arms is getting thin.

Don’t expect any help from Sanny Clause this year. Both clubs need to make a move soon, with only 58 days till pitchers and catchers. As for the Mets, “Cespedes for the rest of us” ain’t gonna get it done by himself.

Editor’s Note:  William Coppola just completed his 40th year in the game of baseball. He has been a coach, instructor and advanced scout for numerous teams in Major League Baseball 


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