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Mixed martial arts – is the perfect combination of multiple methods and techniques, as well as schools and trends of various types of martial arts, boxing, karate, kickboxing, judo, jiu-jitsu and wrestling. MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) allow different levels of training for the men to compete with each other. What we see now in mixed martial arts, was born in Brazil. In Brazil, they were called Vale Tudo, which literally translated into English means “without rules.” The number of fans and regular viewers of MMA increases in a very fast pace. And it allows you to talk about this sport as one of the most popular among the male population. In the US, mixed martial arts just beat all records of popularity.

Features of Mixed Martial Arts

One of the features that distinguish the MMA from boxing or any other sport is the presence of all kinds of injuries. The most commonly fighters encountered with this type of injuries: a broken nose, bloody wounds, stretching various ligaments, a variety of cuts, bruises on the neck, face and head. Sometimes even hard and complex injuries possible: break of the bones, sprained ankles. The most difficult trauma – a broken torso.

Main, authorized body in MMA is International MMA Sports Federation.

Major MMA championship is Absolute Fighting Championship. Also there is various competitions around the world – the most famous and popular is Americas – Absolute Fighter.

So, the Betting on the MMA.

This is most popular type of bets at bookmakers office:

  • Rounds – bet on the over/under quantity of the rounds. Gambler need to guess how many rounds fight will last.
  • Winning Tactics – try to predict what will be the winning tactic for the fighter: knockout, technical knockout or unanimous decision of the judges.
  • Bet to win. Gambler has to put on that fighter who will win the fight.


In order to make a winning bet on MMA, you need to analyze the physical and morale condition of both fighters as thoroughly as possible. In addition, it is worth remembering that a fighter can have problems in the ring when he competes with the enemy, which uses a completely different style of wrestling.

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