Odell Beckham Wants the Giants Offense to Awaken Killer Instincts

Odell Beckham wants to take charge. He is tired of games that do not end in his hands. Then again, no athlete likes standing around like he was in the fourth quarter in Cleveland on Sunday. Odell was clearly struggling with anxiety as the Giants defense saved the day. Looking at the American NFL betting predictions, it is just about time for Odell’s killer instinct to come into play.

The Giants need to really take the time to appreciate Odell’s offense; though, Odell himself wishes that his team’s offense wasn’t so lackluster during games.

Odell should be happy that, despite the fact that they are not playing to their full potential, the team is still taking victories home. But that doesn’t mean they should rest on their laurels.

Odell seems to understand the importance of taking every team seriously, regardless of whether they have a winning record or a losing record. Odell and Eli Manning will be going for the jugular from this point on.

They will probably make an effort to inject more focus on their own team rather than worrying about their opponents; Odell seems certain that, if they can simply focus on doing their best, then their victory is all but certain.

The Cowboys are the team that the Giants want to be. Dallas didn’t just beat the Browns; they buried them with a 35-10 victory. They were just as ruthless against the Bengals and the Packers.

The Giants, while they have been racking up victories, haven’t won a game by more than seven. While you have Dallas putting more than thirty points away in a game, the Giants rarely hit the 28 point mark.

Maybe it is a confidence issue. Whatever the cause, Odell is right; the Giants need to awaken their killer instinct. Without it, they will find the rest of the season rather difficult to manage.

The team’s offense needs to step up; as things stand, they are putting too much pressure on their defense and leaving their side exposed to some serious losses. Odell has never been the calmest of players.

However, it looks like he is manifesting an even fiercer persona to give the Giants the boost they need.

Wednesday was an important day for Odell, even if he didn’t realize it. Wednesday was the anniversary of The Catch, which changed his life. Even if he didn’t remember the anniversary, Odell hasn’t forgotten the significance of The Catch.

It is something that sometimes seems to overshadow every other event in his life; however, Odell never dwells on it. He accepts it as a moment that happened, but he doesn’t allow it to consume every single day of his life.

Dwayne Harris was still a Cowboy at that time; he remembers the stadium erupting, but he didn’t really know what had happened until he saw the instant replay.

Beckham is looking forward to the Thanksgiving Holiday. It is a chance to see his family, which is visiting . He reveled that he wouldn’t be doing any cooking. He is also looking forward to the Cowboys/Redskins game, though he refused to reveal who he would be rooting for.

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