Mancuso: The Patriots Took Up Residence On Revis Island And Had Toast

Add another loss to the Jets disappointing season Sunday at MetLife Stadium and for a moment the Patriots were looking like the team that would go down to defeat. But the Jets managed another one to slip away on a day that quarterback Tom Brady was not his best for New England.

And neither was the Jets defense at its best, that is until the second half. Good football teams need to play on both sides of the ball except these Jets are resembling two fighters in a 12-round affair that make it difficult for the judges to score.

One good half for the Jets defense and another that can be considered the difference in what would have been their highlight win of the season.

A positive outcome for the Jets would not have made a difference in their postseason plans. They are a team looking at next year but beating Tom Brady and the Patriots was on the doorsteps instead of losing 23-17 and moving further down in the AFC east standings and now sitting at 3-8.

“Our antennas have to be up,” said Darrelle Revis. “Have to do my job. Have to protect the other side. That’s the weak spot in the defense.”

And examining the defense this day, well it was all about Revis. Third among all active players in nine seasons when it comes to the takeaway, he never reached his Island and let the Patriots get to the end zone.  So, he admits the job has to be done and the Jets with five games remaining will be looking to get him back on his Island.

Playing both side of the ball, and the defense not protecting the ball after the Jets took a 17-13 lead with 10:17 left to play, this after a Quincy Enunwa leap over Malcolm Butler in the end zone off a pass from Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Again, Tom Brady does know how to read a defense.  Revis is also aware of his former teammate as the one-time Patriot who returned to play in Jets green and reclaim his Island.  But for the Jets to get this right next year, with or without a quarterback as efficient as Brady, they need an effective Revis to reclaim his Island.

“Me and Tom have mutual respect for each other,” Revis commented.  “He had his share of touchdowns,  I had my fair share of interceptions.”  Brady with the pass to Chris Hogan and then the deciding touchdown to Mitchell.

Revis and the Jets defense could not stop it.

Said Revis, “ You definitely don’t want to put Tom Brady in those situations. A four or two-minute offense. He does a great job of executing and putting his teammates in the best position to make plays.”

Hey, Revis should know that Brady is a gamer.  And as a former teammate, he would know and that’s why the Jets were set with the right alignment in those final minutes. But the Island did not arrive to protect what appeared to be a definite win in this disappointing season.

Revis said, “We have been struggling at playing all four quarters. This year we just can’t seem to put a complete game together on both sides of the ball and sometimes on special teams. We’ve been bad at this the whole year.”

And then he said, “We definitely need to be more consistent in those areas.”

Yes, consistency is the root of success on the field in any sport. And for the Jets defense this season, and for Revis and his Island, that is not the case. These last five games will determine where this Jets defense stands for next season.

Darrelle Revis, so much a Jet because of his defense will be tested again. But how long will it take for the Island to be found that is so much a part of his success at taking it away from a Tom Brady?

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