McDonald: Who Todd Bowles Chooses As A Backup Doesn’t Matter, But He Needs To Give The Press Something

So here is what we know in the ever changing quarterback carousel. Geno Smith is out and Ryan Fitzpatrick is back in as starter.

But who backs him up, Bryce Petty or Christian Hackenberg? That’s the $64,000 question.

Well, let’s ask the man in charge Todd Bowles.

“No offense, but if I’m not going to tell you who it is, why are we having this discussion?” he said. “It’s really a waste of time. I’m not going to tell you anything. It’s not open for discussion. Guys, let it ride.”

Thanks coach we will let it ride.

No matter whom Bowles chooses he hopes it’s a moot point. It would mean Fitzmagic is back and he is controlling the Browns and has the offense back on track.

But the coach’s coyness with on the backup situation makes you wonder if he thinks Fitzpatrick can regain his 2015 form or will he be the Fitz of the five loses in seven games this season.

You have to wonder, because if Bowles thinks he is the latter, the coach is not telling the press, so the Browns may be off-guard to who will they be facing.

He said he made his mind up.It’s just a matter of telling his staff and the coach praised both of his backups.

Understand, though, both Petty and Hackenberg are pretty much on equal footing right now. Because of Petty’s shoulder injury that kept him out the first six weeks of the season, the rookie has caught up with his second year counterpart. So really it’s just a coin flip.

All of that is fine, but Bowles has to understand the Jets press wants to know, so they can get a story out. Even with the poor second season, so far, he seems to be a good coach, but he needs to understand the press a little better. If he wants to press to stop asking him on the backup, who we all think won’t play, give them something else to write about. Give them a story and control the narrative. For all his flaws, Rex Ryan was the master of that, even if he made the story about himself.

That said, Bowles is not right that and he treats press conference as nuisances with short answers which forces the press to come up with their own ideas. We get it, he doesn’t want the Browns to know, but when you keep a secret from someone, they want to know even more.

But it is what it is and Bowles will continue to use secretive act, which never goes over well in New York and he knows it and said when asked if the week was crazier than others, “Normal week in New York City.”

Bowles isn’t doing himself any favors here. If you are Bill Belichick, you can get away with press secrecy, but when you are 2-5 and people are wondering who your backup quarterback is, then give the press something to write about.

Because when you don’t they might start penning your obituary.

You know that’s a normal week in New York City.

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