Jets Are Upping The Ante With Game Experience This Season

Football games these days are more than just games, they are events. And being in the New York area, there’s a lot of competition for the entertainment dollar.

So the New York Jets know they have their work cut out for them.

Gang Green, though, is up to the task. With the 2016 season just a little over two weeks away, the Jets are ready to up the ante, when it comes to in-game features for their fans.

The Jets want to be on the cutting edge when it comes to fan experience, so they created a phone app that will enhance the game day involvement of all their ticket holders.

First and foremost, the Jets app can hold your season ticket. In the past, tickets were simply printed on pieces of paper and you had to worry about forgetting or even losing them, which would cause a fan some hassle.

Now it’s different. It’s part of your phone, which sure, can be forgotten, but normally with the way cell phones are attached to the person, a season ticket holder no longer has to worry about their ducats.

Also the Jets have a rewards card, where fans can put Jet cash on their card and tap to pay throughout the stadium. Since it’s worn around your neck, there’s no worry about taking anything out of your pockets.

And because the Jets are so connected to social media, they are going heavily with Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. Fans can post their pictures easily and see what others are doing at the same game.

But the Jets experience is more than just electronic.  Like the other new venues around New York, food options are a must and MetLife Stadium offers a number of selections from the various name restaurants in the region.

carnitas dog

New for this season include selections from Global Pies (Empanadas), Barbeque Shack (Ribs), Ester’s Seafood Shack (Try the Oysters) and Topped Dogs (Specialty Hot Dogs).

They have come a long way from the dirty water dogs of Shea Stadium.

For the more budget minded, the Jets also have a budget menu with more modestly prices traditional football menu items.

Outside of the food, the Jets have a wide selection of merchandise with items from name brands like Nike, New Era, Forty Seven, and Majestic. They are located in the Jets flagship store at MetLife and also in Jet Shop locations throughout the stadium.

For the children, there’s Gen Jets Kids Zone, located between the Verizon and SAP Gates, It features inflatable rides, a DJ, juggler, sidewalk chalk zone and more. It’s for kids ages 4 to 12 and they are also are invited to join for free Gen Jets Kids Club with exclusive kids-only experiences and events.

Global Pies

There will also be a virtual reality station, a spinning wheel for prizes and a photo station at every game.

This season the Jets also have themed every game and salute different aspects of the New York Community.  They include a Homecoming on Sep. 23, where former Jets attend and a Social Media night on Nov. 27.

So there is definitively a lot of choices at MetLife this season with the Jets. Of course, everyone wants to see how the Jets do on the field, which is obviously the most important part of their season.

But win or lose, the Jets are hoping every game will be a good time.

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