Marshall, Revis, Get Chippy at Testy Jets Practice

Tensions rose at a spirited Jets practice between two of the team’s star players.

Brandon Marshall and Darrelle Revis engaged in a heated exchange with one another during a spirited part of one-on-one drills in training camp.

The trash talk, between two of the team’s veteran leaders, escalated to another level when Marshall, according to reports, took a swing at Revis with an open hand.

“It’s about that time of camp,” Jets head coach Todd Bowles said afterwards. “Things get a little lively.”

The swing Marshall took at Revis reportedly connected with the shoulder of Revis. Marshall was quickly removed from the field afterwards by teammate Quincy Enunwa.

“Well we don’t condone swinging, and we talked about it,” Bowles said. “It’s about that time of camp when it gets a little chippy, but we put it out before we get started.

Bowles, when asked why Marshall swung at Revis, provided further proof he has the pulse of his football team.

“They were going at it all day,” Bowles said. “It got a little chippy, I mean that’s just part of football. It’s camp. You can go to every camp probably around the league and you’re going to hear the same thing. Everybody gets chippy. It’s nothing to write home about.”

Bowles isn’t overly concerned about it and neither should anyone else. NFL Training Camp, much like the regular season, is a roller coaster of emotions for players. Players, around the league are battling it out in the dog days of summer, they’re ready to ramp it up and start hitting their opponents.

“It was more than those two.” Bowles added. “There was a lot of chippiness going on out there. Down on the offensive and defensive line, and the linebackers as well, but like I said, it’s that time of camp. You hit each other for enough times, people get frustrated. We like the motivation. We like the spirit of the practice, but we’re not going to punch anybody. You can talk as much as you want. You’re going to get that on Sundays, but other than that it was fine.”

Marshall appears to have increased his level of intensity this summer. He punted a football after an earlier practice, out of frustration, and now the heated exchange with Revis.

Heated exchange? Yes. An outburst? Bowles doesn’t think so.

“I don’t think it was an outburst,” Bowles said. “It was two good players going at it, and they talked mess and they played. Rvis won some. Brandon wants some. They got chippy, but it’s camp. It’s supposed to be.”

Marshall has a history of losing his composure, however, that’s not something Bowles will worry about. Bowles was a coach on the MIami Dolphins when Marshall played there.

“No I’m not worried about it at all,” Bowles said. “I was with him in Miami (Dolphins), and I’ve been through it here. Everybody was talking out there. I don’t think that it was exclusive to Brandon (Marshall).”

If there’s an added positive to this, it has to be Revis getting increased practice time on the field. The anchor of the Jets secondary has been recovering from offseason wrist surgery.

Marshall and Revis are veterans of the game, Bowles is an old school coach who’s gained the approval of his peers and players because of how he handles situations such as this most recent one.

When it comes his players getting a little chippy, Bowles wouldn’t have it any other way. As long as there’s a healthy balance which comes with it.

“Love it. It’s football, Bowles said. “ I mean we’re not here judging a beauty pageant. You want some players that are chippy and know how to play, and keep it clean, but you want them on the edge.”

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