Potential Trades The New York Mets Should Carry Out At The Trade Deadline

With the All-Star break already here, the New York Mets (47-41) are now six games shy of the Washington Nationals to clinch position in the National League East. They also occupy the same position as the Miami Marlins when it comes to the final wild card. However, apart from their standings, the Mets still have many setbacks, with injuries affecting Steven Matz, Matt Harvey, Yoenis Cespedes, and Noah Syndergaard. MLB baseball lines also indicate that these injury woes have come after Lucas Duda was ruled out until August and David Wright for the entire season.

Shockingly, the starting rotation, the lineup, and even the bullpen of the Mets currently has potential weaknesses. Sandy Alderson, their perceptive GM, now has a few weeks to make the right move before the deadline. The team need to strengthen those three areas, but with very few prospects this year, compared to last season. Even though they might fail to fill up the positions with the right prospects, the following can boost the Mets to fulfill their deadline prerequisites, go beyond the Nationals, and improve their 2015 positions.

Trade RHP Clay Buchholz for OF Alejandro De Aza to the Boston Red Sox

This trade perfectly benefits both the Mets and Boston. With Clay Buchholz already having an awful season due to his demotion to the bullpen for a second consecutive season, it is clear his home team does not have a permanent position for him. Therefore, a move to the Mets could help the veteran start in place of Harvey, because just last season, he finished with a 3.26 ERA.

Evidently, with Boston constantly demoting Buchholz, it seems they are desperate to sell him, and De Aza could be his perfect replacement as the serviceable starter. With uninspiring hits of .181/.252/.276 with the Mets, De Aza should think of moving to Boston, in which he had a last season hit of .292/.347/.484 in 161 at-bats. In a deeper perspective, the Red Sox currently require a left-handed hitting outfield penetration and signing De Aza could be the best decision they will ever make this season.


Trade RHP Zack Wheeler, OF Curtis Granderson, and OF Brandon Nimmo, 1B Dominic Smith to the Colorado Rockies for RHP Boone Logan and OF Carlos Gonzalez

The Mets need some help in the bullpen as well as a big bat. With an outstanding season of a .318/.366/.550 slash-line, Carlos Gonzalez, 30, could brace with Cespedes at the center to boost their center. Since Gonzalez contract still runs to next year as well, this gives the Mets some outfield indemnity in the event Cespedes makes an off-season exit. This could be a very expensive deal to match what the Rockies did with Jose Reyes last season. The Mets should also use this trade in landing the right-handed Boone Logan, who has made 35 appearances this season and has a 3.18 ERA.

Colorado may not be ready to part with Car-Go. However, with Gonzalez’s contract ending after 2017, the Mets can seal a deal with the Rockies and use him to rotate with the 26-year-old Zack Wheeler. Brandon Nimmo has also made his mark among his peers, and he should shine in the hitter-friendly Colorado. Mets also has the 21-year-old Dominic Smith, who has slashed .287/.354/.398 so far in the minors. Furthermore, Curtis Granderson’s contract ends in 2017 for the Mets and he has the potential to up his numbers while in Colorado, which makes him a potential piece of trade to beat the deadline for the Rockies.

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