An Interview With Devils Director of Amateur Scouting Paul Castron

Is there a theme to this year’s draft?

There is the big three everybody talking about. (Matthews, Laine, Puljujari) After those three forwards, the group of next 10 are pretty good balance of forwards and defensemen. If a team is looking for a “D” their there. There are some impact defensemen that are going to big a big impact on the NHL

Any Sleepers In the Draft?

You always got that, their age and strength issues don’t get a lot of ice time in their rookie years. The next season the guy scores 30 or 40 goals and where did that come from?Why couldn’t he do it in his draft year. Because he playing on the 4th line.

Over the years how has the draft changed?

Computers have changed a lot more information about the kids better background more in-depth in our reports The coverage we get more videos than was when I first started.In the old days you just put names on a piece of paper and you brought them to the meetings. If you have a question on a player, we now have archives on these kids. But it like seeing them live, but its a tool. good information, we talk to coaches trainers to find out more about the kids.

According to mock drafts you their going to take Jacob Chychrun Tyson Jost or Keller Clayton? Jacob Chychrun (is the father of Former NHL Jeff) Chychrun has size and skates well for his age and very developed, really strong. Jost and Keller are very skilled players.

Do you believe in drafting the best players available or to fill the organization need?

Our scouts work hard all season long and we put list together and we go by the list. That’s the order we have and we pick the best player. The Devils are picking 11th, but we won’t get the 11th available player. Their are guys you like and guys you don’t like for different reasons. They don’t go in order you understand that. You know who’s their and who your picking. Thats why we went to the games all year. We argue and debate about players. I guess you can say its the best player available. Its the order in the way the scouts view the players during the season, debate and hammer out the list in the meetings. Now General Manger Ray Shero has the last word. But he accepts What I do and say and the other scouts put the time in.

If Their is a dispute, who resolves it?

During the season at the meetings the list is set going into the draft Were not moving players the day of the draft. We met in May and hammer it out.

Can the Devils rebuilt thru the draft?

More and more young players are getting opportunities Its better to let the kid develop, take their time. When you rush a kid you force them into roles. You draft a kid for offense and plays on the 4th line Thats not want you want. You draft them and sometimes the reserve happens. If their ready their ready. Most GM’s will tell you the player decides when he is ready to play, the way they play. You never want a kid to get hurt The guys in the NHL are big and strong. If you not physically ready it will sent you back. I saw first hand in Columbus with the kids. Drafting is a team game, you evaluate and get everybody’s opinion. Do the best to put your list together as a group Not everybody going to agree on every player. You learn about your scouts ability. 210 kids are going to get drafted and not a high percentage are going to play in the NHL.

How is to draft for a new organization ?

No different trying to get the beat players in the organization. The group thinks he the best chance to succeed at the NHL Level and replenish the organization.

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