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Felix DeJesus, Ray Negron, Kevin Cabral, and Ralph Romeo have been around the New York City radio market and have developed a following over the years hosting or producing sports talk radio. And they know something about the demographics of an audience that gears towards the Latino athletes and their culture.

It all makes for good radio and starting this Thursday evening, ESPN Deportes New York is their new home as they host 1050 Impact.

“We’ve assembled a great team of professionals who are experts in their respective fields to impart their knowledge on 1050 Impact,” said DeJesus at a press conference luncheon Monday afternoon at Patsy’s Italian Restaurant in midtown, New York to officially launch the new program.

The concept is to have top personalities in the sports world on the air. Javier Sosa will produce the broadcast every Thursday evening from 7-9pm. Carlos Leiva will add inside reports and soccer updates, Jennifer Mercedes will report on entertainment, and Sadiel Lebron will provide special interviews.

“And with my long standing relationships in the sports and entertainment industry, I hope to invite noticeable guests to join us on 1050 Impact and complement the show,”Negron said.

Negron, a special assistant to the owners of the New York Yankees, is also an accomplished author and movie producer. He recently completed overseeing the progress of reinstated pitcher Aroldis Chapman down at the Yankees training complex in Tampa Florida.

He has co-hosted a sports talk program the past three years on WPAT in New York City and the success led to this venture.
He added about the program, “We broke new ground This is geared towards everybody. The only show on Deportes in English.” Negron said he won’t work on all Spanish language program and that, they made an impact, hence the name “Impact” was tagged to the show.

Renowned actor and producer Danny Aiello is scheduled to be the first guest of the show that debuts Thursday evening.

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