Black Says Goodbye To The Mets & New York City

(Jason Schott – NY Sportsday)

Pitcher Vic Black joined the Mets in the summer of 2013, arriving in the trade that sent Marlon Byrd to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Black did a quality job as a set-up man out of the bullpen, especially in 2014, when he pitched in 41 games, and allowed only 12 runs and 26 hits in 34.2 innings.

Originally from Texas, Black enjoyed living in New York City, even spending offseasons here.

One of his notable moments came in November 2014, when he was part of the Starlight Children’s Foundation Charity Auction. Ths brought Black together with other stars from New York teams, like Knicks legend John Starks.

Black missed the 2015 season with a shoulder injury and he will not be returning to the Mets.

This week, Black released this statement on Facebook:

As some of you may have gathered my time with the New York Mets is at its end. I didn’t play for 10 years nor was I an All-star or contributor to last seasons amazing run BUT I’ll never forget my time playing for the greatest fans/city in baseball. From walking the streets of Manhattan, to riding the 7 Line daily to Citi Field I was given moments I’ll remember for my lifetime. See I get why a lot of people picture New York as giant skyscrapers,  crazy taxis and busy, busy people BUT what gets the bad wrap are exactly what make this city the greatest: it’s the PEOPLE of New York. They are what make it “New York”. I remember a moment during the All-star break in 2014. I had stayed in NYC for the break to just enjoy the city. I decided one night to go see a movie at the AMC Empire 25 theatre off 42nd. What’s funny is I couldn’t tell you what movie or if I had even enjoyed it but what happened next is why I get a bit teary eyed still to this day. You see I was walking out around 11 pm or so and had come to W42nd & 8th Ave and was waiting for the light to change so I could head home. Upon crossing the street there was an older gentleman in a ball cap walking the opposite direction as we passed each other I heard him say “Nice first half Vic! We are happy you are with us. Best of luck in the second half.” I didn’t love this because I was recognized rather because it was at its most intimate and simplistic  level a perfect example of how the people of New York are. You were kind in welcoming me to YOUR family and I’ll always have blue and orange running in my blood. New York captured my heart and nothing can ever take that away. You gave me a gift, experiences and moments I’ll cherish forever. I’m counting the days till my next visit in whatever capacity it may be. I love you New York

Vic Black

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