The Open Gets The Men’s Final They Want

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Now this is a Final.

Unlike the Women’s end where you either have to be from Italy or 18th Avenue in Brooklyn, the Men’s Final is just what the doctor (or at least ESPN) ordered.

No. 1 seed Novak Djokovic vs. No. 2 Roger Federer should be an epic battle between the two tennis titans.

Give the people what they want.

The New No. 1 vs. The Old Sage.

“Novak it’s been more straightforward, my opinion,” Federer said. “That’s what I like about the rivalry. I think we both can — I don’t know how it is for him, but I feel like he doesn’t need to adjust his game as much, either. I think it’s just a straight shootout, and I think that’s the cool thing about our rivalry. It’s very athletic.

“We both can handle each other’s — whatever we present to one another, and I think our matches, it’s very even. That’s it, I think. I don’t need to add more here.”

It should be interesting to say the least. Federer leads the all-time head to head 21-20 and beat Djokovic in Cincinnati just about a month ago. While Djokovic won in Wimbledon and Indian Wells.

“I didn’t quite agree that I played a poor finals,” Federer said of Wimbledon. “I think I played okay in the finals. Maybe not even bad at times, you know. I just think Novak played a really good finals. He was super tough and he deserved it at the end, you know.

“I never really looked into the match that much. I kind of left it and just said, Okay, whenever I need to be I’ll go back to it, and that’s what we will do after tonight, I guess.

“So I think there is a lot of positives for me to take away from that match or all of Wimbledon, Cincinnati, as well, that match with Novak there, and then now how I have played here thus far.

“I think it’s an interesting three months to look back on and take the good and the bad and compress all of those into one thing and hopefully come up with a the perfect game plan against Novak Sunday.”

Needless to say this is the rubber match for both players. Has Djokovic caught up to Federer’s varsity or is the Maestro back on board with his Slams.

Interesting to say the least.

And it will be interesting for the New York crowd, who love both players. The entertaining Djokovic versus the grace of Federer.

You have to wonder who they will pull for.

“I’ll get ready for either crowd, you know, I must say, because there is never a guarantee who the crowd are going to cheering for,” Federer said. “I hope the crowd’s going to be happy to see me in the finals as well again after, what’s it been now, six years I haven’t been in the finals. Sounds like a big deal. Not that long ago, my opinion.

“I still remember the six finals I played ’04 to ’09. I had many great ones, one very tough one against Agassi where the crowd was totally lopsided on his side.

“I think it’s important to prepare for both. I definitely think if there would be more on my side that will give me a lift and extra energy and momentum possibly.

“That could swing the match a little bit. But other than that, you know, obviously Novak is a great player. Both of us have played in all tough conditions, and you’ve got to play well to beat him. There is no question about that.”

A prediction? Federer in five. The New York crowd will rattle Djokovic early and the Maestro, who at 34 is in the best shape of his career will outlast the Serbian master.



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