McDonald: Serena Has No One To Blame But Herself

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No excuses.

Serena Williams just blew it.

No other way of putting it after losing the US Open Semifinals to Roberta Vinci, 2-1, 6-4,-6-4.

“I don’t want to talk about how disappointing it is for me,” Williams said. “If you have any other questions, I’m open for that.”

OK, Serena, there are plenty.

On paper this was a mismatch and Williams should have killed the Italian in straight sets. She does that in her sleep. Heck she can almost not even show up for her to win this kind of match.

It was almost perfect. Any kind of challenger either withdrew (We’re looking at you Maria Sharapova) or lost early on. This was supposed to be a coronation, not a celebration on 18th Avenue in Brooklyn and Arthur Avenue in the Bronx.

But Serena blew it. Too many unforced errors. There were too many times where shoe could have put away Vinci and no. Nothing.

And to give credit, Vinci gave credit where credit was due, even though it did sound like a left-handed compliment.

“I thought she played the best tennis in her career,” Williams said. “You know, she’s 33 and, you know, she’s going for it at a late age. So that’s good for her to keep going for it and playing so well.

“Actually, I guess it’s inspiring. But, yeah, I think she played literally out of her mind.”

OK sure, Serena, you are correct. It’s only the second time she was beaten by an unranked opponent at the Open, so year that has to be some credit there.

And frankly, even Vinci didn’t believe it.

“t the end when I made a break, 4-3, and serve, I was a little bit scared,” Vinci said. “My arms was like (demonstrating shaking.) I’m not joking. And I said — on my mind I say that I’m 4-3 and serve in semifinal against Serena. So almost to the final US Open.

“So, yes, sometimes. But in my mind, I say, Don’t think about this, because maybe you have more pressure. Stay calm, relax, and breathe during every single points. Don’t think that you have Serena on the other side of the court.

“Try to enjoy. Enjoy. You are in semifinal in the big stadium with a lot of public, so try to take all the positive emotion of this game.”

But this was Serena’s to take. It was supposed to be easy. Straight sets today and tomorrow against inferior opponents and the Grand Slam would have been hers.

Her only real opponent was Serena herself. And in the end, that’s who beat her.

She has no one else to blame.

No excuses.

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