McDonald: Harvey Two-Face, The Earner

(Matt Harvey – Photo by Neil Miller – Sportsday Wire)

For all his talk about winning, Matt Harvey has just proved to the world he’s an earner.

By not committing to pitch in the playoffs and essentially listening to his agent Scott Boras, Harvey is showing he’s a mercenary, who just happened to be drafted by the Mets.

Harvey may be the ultimate modern athlete. Me first and then the team. His actions yesterday just showed he’s running out the clock in Flushing and then taking his ball to the highest bidder.

The general thought here is that Harvey will end up a Yankee. He still loves New York and grew up a Bronx Bomber fan, but Boras has proven in the past that he will send his players to the highest bidder. If the Mariners come in with the best contract, he will go to Seattle. If it’s the Rangers, then he’ll be in Arlington.

And by echoing Boras now, only crystallizes the point even more.

Look, Harvey could be a dumb guy, who’s getting bad advice. He should ask David Wright how many chances do you get for the playoffs and how precious are these chances.

If the Mets get to October and Harvey is not on the mound for any of those games, his reputation will be forever tarnished.

Mickey Mantle was a “Great Teammate.” Tom Seaver was “The Franchise.”

Matt Harvey is “The Earner.”

And that’s great. He can be the richest gut out there. He makes Tony Soprano proud.

There’s nothing wrong with being concerned about your well being. Harvey’s right arm is his bread and butter. But there’s also no proven innings cap that says if you go over this number back to the operating table you go.

Simply put, Harvey is listening to Scott Boras here and not to his employer.

And let’s talk about Boras for a second. Harvey hired him for his best interests. However, Boras should know this all out assault in the midst of a pennant race only damages his client.

Where was Boras back in June when Harvey was leading the charge against the six man rotation? Where was Boras when the Mets skipped Harvey last month in Colorado?

Why now, when the Mets are trying to piece together a young rotation during a pennant race?

Simply put, going public right now will give Boras more publicity when it comes to showing new players his services. He’s manipulating his earner, while alienating an organization. The only way to end this is to have teams stop doing business with Boras.

Unfortunately that won’t happen.

But back to Harvey, who went from being the Dark Knight to Harvey Two-Face. He has a great summit tomorrow with Sandy Alderson to work out his innings for the rest of the year.

This is his big chance to make amends. All he has to do is come out and say that he’s on board for the Mets plan and just wants to win a World Series here.

Then he can go back to being the Dark Knight.

Otherwise, he’s Harvey Two-Face, the Earner.

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Joe McDonald

Joe McDonald is the founder and former publisher of NY Sports Day. After selling to i15Media in 2020, he serves as the Editor-in-Chief and responsible for the editorial side of the publication. In the past, Joe was the managing editor of NY Sportscene magazine and assistant editor of Mets Inside Pitch. He has covered the Mets since 2004.

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