McDonald: Jets Should Cut Richardson

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Cut him.

Look, I can understand why the Giants are waiting out Jason Pierre-Paul and there’s no need for the Mets to do anything with Jenrry Mejia until the offseason, but the Jets should just cut bait with Sheldon Richardson.

Unlike the other members of the moron triplets, Richardson not only endangered himself but a child as well. By getting into a high speed chase with a 12 year-old in a car, after getting a four game suspension for drug use, this man shouldn’t have the privilege of playing for the New York Jets anymore.

“He hasn’t been smart, and he hasn’t been clear in the head,” new Jets coach Todd Bowles said Friday to reporters. “Clearly, he needs some help.”

This will hurt the Jets, as Richardson was a Pro-Bowler last season and one of the bright spots on the team. However, since the Jets have a new regime in place, there will be a honeymoon period. Even if they got 3-13, general manager Mike Maccagnan and Bowles will be safe for the first season.

And based on the quarterback situation, they probably will need that honeymoon this year.

But back to Richardson. The defensive lineman hid the arrest from the team, which is another no-no. Because he wasn’t forthcoming, Maccagnan is skeptical about his Pro-Bowler and rightfully so.

” We do worry about Sheldon in terms of the decisions he’s made off the field,” Maccagnan said. “There is a degree of trust that’s been broken, but we’re supportive of him, and there’s a lot of resources in this building that we want to make available to him. Our doors are always open. There definitely has to be a better line of communication between Sheldon and us. We’re going to do everything in our powers to help him, not just as a football player to develop, but to make sure he can do the right things off the field.”

The NFL can easily make that four game suspension increase and that would be it, but the Jets would be sending a message if they cut Richardson. No longer would the team tolerate the poor off the field judgment. Everyone can make a mistake, but when it become two or three, it’s an epidemic.

JPP is suffering because of his fireworks accident, which may cost him his spot on the Giants and who knows if Mejia will play ever again for the Mets – probably not. Richardson needs to feel the consequences.

The Jets should cut him and move on.

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