Espo’s Trivia: Record Setters

     While we all anxiously await the next exciting adventures of a new baseball season, here’s a look at some record holders which may be challenged this season, or perhaps not. Some of these arguably quirky stat summations may forever maintain their status, nonetheless are fascinating in a sport where the past and the present eternally intertwine.


  1. This slugger has the highest total of home runs – over 500 – and yet somehow never managed to lead his league in home runs in any one season.


  1. Willie McCovey
  2. Rafael Palmiero
  3. Jim Thome
  4. Harmon Killebrew


  1. This slugger enjoyed batting in just about any ballpark, and holds the record for hitting home runs in 45 major league stadiums.


  1. Sammy Sosa
  2. Ken Griffey, Jr.
  3. Alex Rodriguez
  4. Gary Sheffield


  1. Talk about an on-base percentage! This prolific hitter once got on base in 84 consecutive games.


  1. Pete Rose
  2. Ichiro Suzuki
  3. Joe DiMaggio
  4. Ted Williams


  1. A pitcher who can also hit is obviously a great asset. This hurler holds the record for most home runs ever banged out by a member of the mound brigade, a category which likely will never be touched in the DH era.


  1. Don Drysdale
  2. Warren Spahn
  3. Wes Ferrell
  4. Red Ruffing


  1. A pitcher who fields his position well is also a valuable commodity. This pitcher holds the record for most Gold Gloves, and actually owns more golden hardware than any player at any position.


  1. Jim Kaat
  2. Greg Maddux
  3. Jim Palmer
  4. Phil Niekro


  1. Since the Rookie of the Year Award was established in 1947, when Jackie Robinson was honored as its first recipient, this team has produced the greatest number of first-year honorees.


  1. Oakland A’s
  2. New York Yankees
  3. Louis Cardinals
  4. Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers


  1. This batting champ holds the record for least strikeouts – just seven times sent back to the bench empty-handed – on his way to the title.


  1. Nap Lajoie
  2. Honus Wagner
  3. Joe DiMaggio
  4. Luke Appling


  1. These days, a reliever who completes some 70-80 innings per season is considered a rubber-armed workhorse, but this reliever once pitched over 200 innings in relief – in the same season!
  2. Hoyt Wilhelm
  3. Mike Marshall
  4. Dennis Eckersley
  5. Roy Face


  1. Speaking of those fabulous firemen who rescue faltering starters in the later innings, this efficient bullpen trooper once retired 46 consecutive batters. And here’s a hint, youngsters, we’re not talking about some long ago member of baseball’s history. You’ve seen or heard of this guy.


  1. Yusmiero Petit
  2. Brian Wilson
  3. Mariano Rivera
  4. Francisco Rodriguez



  1. Ouch! This battered ballplayer went through his career being hit by a pitch only 285 times! And yes, that’s the record.


  1. Ron Hunt
  2. Don Baylor
  3. Craig Biggio
  4. Pete Rose


BONUS QUESTION: Batters are striking out at record rates. This team now holds the record for strking out the most batters – as a staff – for the entire 162-game season (1,450). It’s a relatively recent record. Who now claims this distinction?


  1. 2007 BOSTON RED SOX





  1. B (569)
  2. A (45)
  3. D (1949)
  4. C (38, Ruffing hit 36)
  5. B (18)
  6. D (16)
  7. A (1902)
  8. B (1974)
  9. A
  10. C





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