Mets Honoring Chipper is a Joke

Ok, we are always for saluting the game’s greats. It’s what makes baseball what it is, but giving Chipper Jones a gift at a pre-game ceremony?

Oh come on.

If the Wilpons haven’t done enough to destroy the fanbase, this takes the cake. Do you really have to honor your personal tormentor for the last 15 years, the man who insulted the fans as a youth and then decided to use your pitching staff as personal batting practice?

Of course not. It makes no sense. The fans did not come out in droves last night to salute Chipper. And thankfully the Mets will get the message.

Because what’s next? Derek Jeter Day next year? Or how about Mariano Rivera Night?

The Jets never honored Dan Marino and the Giants never had a day for Troy Aikman.

I’m pretty sure you will never see a Mark Messier night at Nassau Coliseum or Reggie Miller getting an on the court tribute from the Knicks.

This is something the Onion would make up or go into an April Fools Issue.

But this really happened last night and there’s absolutely no reason for it.

Even Chipper agrees.

“I would respect the body of work,” Jones said, “but I would hate his guts.”

Maybe the Mets could add insult to injury by retiring No. 10 or even have John Rocker throw out the first ball.

It would be fitting the way this organization treated the fans over the years.

For his part Jones took it in all good fun and very gracious. And he did name his child Shea because of all the success he had at the Mets former ballpark.

And the Mets presented him with a 3-D painting of the old girl as a parting gift.

But let this be a one shot deal. There’s no need to have days for opposing players. Let Jeter have his day in the Bronx and Chase Utley be honored by the Phillies.

Maybe it would be a better idea the Mets honor some of their oversights over the years, like Jerry Koosman or retire No. 17 or No. 31 before giving gifts to other team’s payroll.

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