Babe Ruth Look-Alike Contest Set For Sept. 24 To Celebrate Gallagher’s 85th Birthday

The year was 1927. The Babe hit 60, and Gallagher’s Steak House was born.  In celebration of its 85th Birthday this year, Gallagher’s (228 West 52nd Street) will host a Babe Ruth Look-Alike Contest on Monday night, September 24, at 6:30 p.m. A galaxy of to-be-announced prizes will be awarded to the winner, as selected by a blue ribbon panel.  To enter, contact: [email protected] or call 914-260-7436, and please attach a photo.  Entries must be submitted no later than September 17.

Willis Gardner of Oberlin, Ohio, has thrown down the gauntlet and is expected to defend his title. Mr. Gardner was declared champion of Gallagher’s previous Babe look-alike contest in 2007 when the restaurant celebrated its 80th birthday. The Bambino set a then-single season record of 60 home runs with the Yankees in 1927.

Even 85 years later, Gallagher’s remains the only steakhouse in New York City that grills their steaks over hickory coals. This combination of all-natural dry aging and hickory coals makes a steak you cannot find any place else in the New York area.

It was a magical year indeed for New York in 1927, especially for The Babe. On March 2, he became the highest paid player in baseball to that point with a $70,000 contract. On September 29th, he tied a Major League Baseball record by hitting grand slams on consecutive days. Just one day later against the Washington Senators, he smashed one of the most memorable homeruns in baseball history. The shot was The Babe’s 60th, breaking his own single season record, and ultimately propelled the Yankees toward their second World Series crown eight days later.

Standing the test of time, Gallagher’s has remained part of the very fabric of New York sports since its founding, hosting some of the city’s most prolific baseball icons including: Joe DiMaggio, Yogi Berra, Joe Torre, and Derek Jeter. It is only appropriate that its second Babe Ruth lookalike contest will be a part of its 85th birthday celebration.

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