Knuckling Under in Manhattan Saturday

Anyone getting on in years who loves baseball has always pondering the “what if,” and many times that “what if,” if you are a fan of pitching, involves the knuckleball. It moves slowly and tantalizingly, limits wear and tear on the arm and for those few who have mastered it, has brought some great success, although many times it seems like it is a last resort.

On Saturday, fans of all ages will get a chance to watch and learn from some of the masters of the pitch, as the ESPN TriBeca Film Festival will debut the film “Knuckleball,” for free in an outdoor setting in lower Manhattan.

Created by documentarians Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg with the assistance of MLB productions, the film follows the history of the knuckleball, centered around the stories of veteran Tim Wakefield of those who have used the pitch for success, from Phil Neikro and Wilbur Wood to Charlie Hough and Jim Bouton, and really tells the story of these men and how they fif whatever they could to keep their dreams going, a story which is very relevant in today’s challenging times.

As an added treat, prior to the 8:15 free screening, Dickey, Hough, Wakefield and Jim Bouton will also hold a free clinic on throwing the Knuckleball, with ESPN 1050 personality Ryan Ruocco serving as host.

Here’s a First Look At The Film.

All are invited to attend and enjoy this night of baseball outdoors — the site is Tribeca Drive-In® at the World Financial Center Plaza West Street between Vesey & Liberty Streets. The clinic starts at around six, the screening at 8:15 and there is room for thousands!

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