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Coughlin Ready for the Pats

Coach Tom Coughlin spoke to reporters today after practice about taking on the New England Patriots.

“This is a very exciting time for us,” he remarked. “We have just finished our first practice of the three that we will have here before we travel out to Indianapolis. We have been off for a few days, I wouldn’t say the practice was sharp but I believe it was okay. There are a number of guys that were not able to participate today and I think you know who they are but hopefully we will get some of them tomorrow and then as we move along, we will get them all back in preparation to play an exceptional New England Patriot football team who has a 10-game winning streak since the time that we visited there. They have two home playoff wins and outstanding play on both sides of the ball with an outstanding kicking game as well.”

Below are more soundbites.

[audio:http://www.nysportsday.com/nysd30/wp-content/uploads/1-26-12-Coughlin-do-you-talk-a-little-to-the-team-about-this-moment.mp3] [audio:http://www.nysportsday.com/nysd30/wp-content/uploads/1-26-12-Coughlin-Giants-are-known-for-running-the-ball-with-the-yr-Eli-has-had-do-you-throw-the-run-out-of-the-window.mp3] [audio:http://www.nysportsday.com/nysd30/wp-content/uploads/1-26-12-Coughlin-how-do-you-prepare-for-NE.mp3] [audio:http://www.nysportsday.com/nysd30/wp-content/uploads/1-26-12-Coughlin-on-making-the-Super-Bowl-after-rebounding-from-a-7-7-record.mp3] [audio:http://www.nysportsday.com/nysd30/wp-content/uploads/1-26-12-Coughlin-what-was-your-relationship-with-Belichick.mp3] [audio:http://www.nysportsday.com/nysd30/wp-content/uploads/1-26-12-Coughlin-while-working-with-Belichick-did-you-think-he-would-be-a-head-coach-one-day.mp3]

Coughlin Ready for the Pats

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