Hit Like Maria with HEAD YouTek IG INSTINCT

Maria Sharapova has a comeback year in 2011. And she did by using the Head YouTek IG INSTINCT.

The slim aerodynamic frame geometry in the racquet frame makes it more maneuverable and allow for faster speeds. The shaft is robust with a stable cross section, with provides maximum stiffness in the area with the highest blending moment.

All of this means use of less energy when hitting the ball, which allows you to go all the way in those long set matches. Listing up the racquet,it feels like you are lifting nothing, due to its light construction. In fact, a racquet like the Instinct can give a player added energy on the court.

In short matches, older players will not feel the pain associated with the playing tennis after 35, while the younger player can play for longer and get a better workout. Plus you will probably be able to play days in a row if you want as your elbow won’t get as much torque from swinging the racquet.

That said, at $180.00 it is priced accordingly to other high end racquets on the market and makes a perfect gift for the tennis player in your family.

There are two types of the instinct. The MP and the S with the s having a 660 cm2 compared to 645 cm2 for the MP. The S is also 30 grams lighter checking in at 270g.

Here are the full specks for both racquets:

                                                            Instinct MP               Instinct S

Technology                                 d3o, Innegra            d3o, Innegra

Headsize                                    645 cm2                              660cm2

Weight                                       300 g                     270 g

Balance                                      320 mm                  340 mm

String Patterns                            16/19                     16/19

For more information about the HEAD YouTek IG INSTINCT, visit www.head.com/tennis or www.facebook.com/headtennis. And you can find videos of the racquets at www.YouTube.com/headtennis.

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