Audio: Giants Pick a Prince

Q: How surprised were you that the Giants picked you? How surprised were you that you lasted to 19?

A: I was very surprised that I lasted all the way to 19 just because I thought other teams needed a corner, that had earlier picks. But that wasn’t the case. I guess the Giants did and I haven’t worked out for them. I’ve never visited here and they never really contacted me. That’s just how the draft is. It’s pretty tricky like that.

Q: What are your thoughts about playing for the Giants?

A: It’s an amazing opportunity. It seems like the fans are crazy about their football and I’m just excited that I have a team that I can help win and help compete and try to play.

Q: What do you think that you bring to the table?

A: I’m definitely a physical corner that loves to get in on the run. I use my hands a lot with the wide receivers and I just really like to get after the ball.

Q: Can you explain five interceptions as a junior and none as a senior?

A: Just not a lot of opportunities.

Q: Did teams tend not to throw to your side?

A: Yes, that was the case.

Q: Talk to Phillip Dillard yet?

A: No, I haven’t talked to him yet, but I’m sure that we’ll be well acquainted.

Q: Thoughts about being ready to play right away?

A: I’m excited. I know that’s given. I know I definitely have to get in and just learn the playbook. Hopefully I can get in and compete and help the team win.

Q: Are you optimistic there will be a season?

A: I have great confidence that both sides are going to get a deal done and when they do, I’ll be ready to come in and work.

Q: How many special teams have you played?

A: I played a lot of special teams and I love playing special teams. At Nebraska, we were taught you have to be special to play special teams. Special teams is a hidden spot of the game where plays can be made and I really like to contribute on special teams.

Q: Were you a gunner?

A: I played gunner, jammer and I played on the front line of kickoff return.

Q: Where does your first name come from?

A: It has royalty to it. My dad comes from a royal family, where his grandfather was a chief of a village in Nigeria and every son is actually a prince and they give them the first name Prince.

Q: Proud of your heritage?

A: Oh yeah, very proud of my heritage. My parents are very proud of it too. Right now they’re wearing their cultural attire. They love to show it off and I try to go back as much as I can.

Q: Next in line to be chief?

A: Yes, but it’s a funny situation. A lot of stuff would have to come into play. I would have to live there to be a chief.

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Audio: Giants Pick a Prince
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