Tiki Barber, Brandon Jacobs, Mike Richter Inspire Ice Cream Flavors At Last Licks

New York, July 28—Everyone, especially sports fans, can cool off during the summer heat wave is a stop at Last Licks ice cream stores in Manhattan and Westchester. The “Sports Bar for Kids,” features signature flavors developed by star athletes, as well as the traditional chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

With 16 flavors of ice cream, as well as six low fat yogurt flavors, there are plenty of choices to satisfy any summer craving. Among the Last Licks signature flavors include Giants Super Bowl champ Brandon Jacobs’ “Louisiana Pecan Crunch,” former Giants All Pro running back Tiki Barber’s “Tiki-Tacchio,” and Rangers’ Stanley Cup champ Mike Richter’s “Ricky Road.” Among the fun sundaes available at Last Licks include the Mint Messier, the Lickey Mantle, and Ali’s Knockout Sundae.

“Sports stars are a better combination with ice cream than sprinkles,” says Steve Costello, executive vice president for Last Licks ice cream stores.  With locations in New York City (93rd Street) and Westchester (Armonk, Rye Ridge, Scarsdale), “The Sports Bar for kids” caters to the youngsters, as kids can enjoy a sundae, meet major league stars past and present, watch televised games on monitors throughout the store, and fantasize in a simulated Yankees dugout.

“It’s a place that little league teams come after the game, watch sports, eat ice cream, and just be kids,” says Steiner Sports CEO Brandon Steiner. Founded in 1997, Steiner is a partner and contributed his experience and connections in sports memorabilia to the dynamics of this traditional retail operation.

The Last Licks flavor list also includes: Double Fault Chocolate Malt; Fairy Floss (Cotton Candy); Madagascar Moose Tracks (Our Vanilla is flown in directly from Madagascar). Minty Chocolate Chip™in; Free Throw Cookie Dough; ™more Oreo- Decisions; Weize Guy Chocolate (This is not Weize Guy, like certain famous TV gangsters, this is Weize Belgium, where we find the very best chocolate for our ice cream); Cake Batter-Up; Off the hook Lemon Sorbet; Snow Dayz Vanilla; Raz-berry-Sorbet;  Strawberry Fields; Cookies and Cream;  Vanilla Fudge Brownie; Superman; Healthy Vanilla; and Kids Coffee.

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