Mancuso: This Is All About LeBron

So ESPN will telecast this LeBron James drama Thursday evening live from a Boys & Girls Club in Greenwich Connecticut. All leading to speculation that this basketball God is headed to New York, or does he stay in Cleveland, or join Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade in Miami?

Really, who cares? Well at one point this writer did have an interest that is until this off season NBA story knocked baseball coverage from the headlines. Simply put the LeBron James drama has become an escapade and epitomizes what has become of a sports world becoming more bizarre by the day.

It may matter to fans of LeBron where his next destination takes him. And it certainly has helped the National Basketball Association get the spotlight in what has tended to always be a slow and dull off season.  Even the baseball players are speculating the next move for LeBron.

It has become talk of the town. “New York of course,” said Ike Davis the rookie first baseman of the New York Mets He wasn’t the only one offering an opinion before the Mets took on the Cincinatti Reds at Citi Field.

And Davis is a noted fan of the Phoenix Suns having attended Arizona State University.  It was the talk of the media, baseball experts discussing what uniform LeBron will wear in November It, did not matter that the Reds were in first place days before the All-Star break, or that the Mets were trailing the Atlanta Braves by two games in their division.

It’s been all about LeBron, and what reportedly had been planned for weeks by ESPN, and members of the James team will no doubt draw a record number of viewers Thursday evening for the spectacle. Around 9:10PM Eastern LeBron will make his statement and tell the world what everyone has been waiting for.

But who cares, not when there are good baseball pennant races prior to the Mid Summer Classic.  Not even a Presidential news conference or address from the Oval Office will get as much attention as LeBron will get on a summer evening in July.

That, my friends, puts this all in perspective.  LeBron either way wins by landslide. His legacy may be known more for this media frenzy and free agency bonanza.

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Rich Mancuso

Rich Mancuso is a regular contributor at NY Sports Day, covering countless New York Mets, Yankees, and MLB teams along with some of the greatest boxing matches over the years. He is an award winning sports journalist and previously worked for The Associated Press, New York Daily News, Gannett, and, in a career that spans almost 40 years.

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