Super Bowl or Stupor Bowl: Kick off can’t happen soon enough

It’s been a great pleasure of mine to have been able to watch this game in many places in the past. In my home, out at parties with others, at sports bars, and live in person as both a fan and a member of the credentialed media.  As someone who has seen every super bowl since #1, I can attest to you that there have been several great ones, many boring ones, and many just plain bad ones (unless you were a fan of the winning team).

What the time leading up to the super bowl has become however, is just painful. It’s painful to wait the two weeks. To have to deal with and listen to the hype, to deal with the trash talk and the silly questions by the “puesdo” media. I don’t mean hard working sports journalists, radio and television people, no sir. I mean people that have no business being on the asking end of questions in a press conference.

Can we at least get some different questions then what we have seen/heard over and over again the last 40 years? This is where “new” media shines as opposed to old school traditional media outlets. Some of the best questions I have heard from this week’s press coverage have come from those of us who make our make on the “outskirts” of sports media as opposed to those in the forefront. Some of these mainstreamers what to be part of the story as well as report it, that’s why they lean towards controversy to generate readership/listenership.

Clearly these so called “media” people would not be able to write a real “story” about this game without help from a researcher, or several online resources. These are the same people who are lambasting the Internet as the downfall of modern journalism as we know it. But ask anyone and they will tell you that print media is dropping dead, and in order to compete, traditional media must now do and operate the same as we ”new” media types do. I am Proud to have had traditional writing and broadcast training, but I’m also proud to be able to say that I saw this coming so many years ago. One of my former publications was the first Draft Guide to have a computer online BBS, and to use AOL chat to “live update” it’s users of the selections at the draft. I’m also proud to have been among one of the first to “live stream” the Draft in person from Radio city (in 2006). Even Mr. Goodell took notice, because the following year the only people who could actually broadcast video were the NFL itself and ESPN.

But who am I to critique? I’m just a Podcaster/Blogger/ Internet radio host/Independent scout and ex-coach, right? So let’s just hope that tomorrow everyone shuts up, and kick off goes off at 6:27:30 like it’s supposed to. Because it’s about time to enjoy a football game, isn’t it?

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