“Green” Zone Troubles Continue to Haunt Big Blue

It’s been an Issue since the last year or two of the Jim Fassel era. Every other team knows about It. The Giants have issues scoring six points from inside the 20-yard line.


They have so many players that can produce offensively that It’s sickening. They should be averaging over 35 points per game instead of 27. Quarterback Eli Manning still has quality receivers and tight ends to catch the ball. No one really misses Jeremy Shockey anymore either since Kevin Boss came into his own. So then why can’t Big Blue get more love inside the 20?  With Steve Smith and Mario Manningham emerging as legitimate downfield threats, and the depth behind them beginning to contribute as well, we have to begin to look at the play calling.

If offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride and quarterback coach Chris Palmer – who have both been coaching a very long time – have to know that they need better scoring production. Every other NFL defense knows Brandon Jacobs is coming on second and short and third and short situations. Like the playoff game last year, when Jacobs was pyle-driven to the ground on several short yardage situations, the entire free world knew when he was running between the guards Sunday night.

If Eli would be allowed to freelance a few more play fakes every game the defenses would have to run a little less “8-men in the box” alignments and keep a few more defensive backs In the game on the short yardage situations. This would open up the corner routes and the crossing routes from the 25-yard line and in, and at least give the Giants a few more chances to score six instead of three points.

You can argue with me all you want that the Giants receivers are not that skilled yet, but Manningham looks like “White Shoes” Johnson when he “tight-ropes” up the side lines, and Smith runs a better down and in then Bobby Johnson ever did. Okay, so Amani Toomer and Plaxico Burress were taller then most receivers and Burress created mismatches everywhere he ran to on the field. Yet, it’s  Toomer’s leadership ability that New York misses the most right now. The lack of a veteran presence in the receiver corps has not stopped their growth as players. So again, why are the Giants only averaging 26 points per game?

I have come to the conclusion that it is less an Issue with the players then it is with the play calling. Until the Giants diversify their offensive game plan to use all of their skill players equall, they will “telegraph” their every move to the opposing defenses, and you will see lots of scoring left on the field.

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