Yankees Throw Their Fans a Bone

Call it a nice gesture, similar to when a quarter is put into a beggar’s cup. You feel better about yourself for being thoughtful but is that poor guy going to turn around and but a 20 ounce steak for dinner because of your donation?

After running out of excuses for the empty seats at the new Yankee Stadium – and pressure from Commissioner Bud Selig – the powers that be have lowered ticket prices, some up to 50 percent.

On April 28, the Yankees released an official statement that read “in light of the economy we will review the pricing of a small number of our premium locations at Yankee Stadium; specifically our Suite Seats.”  It goes on to boastfully tell us that “in excess of 3.4 million seats, including 37,000 full season equivalents as well as approximately 85 percent of all our premium locations have already been sold.”

Hal Steinbrenner, the Yankees’ Managing General Partner (and lucky enough to be the level-headed son of George) was the one being quoted in the press release. The Boss’ offspring, who is less outspoken than his brother Hank but certainly not lacking in the ‘Yankee way,’ reluctantly slashed the exorbitant ‘First-Row Legends Suite’ prices from $2,500 for each seat per game to $1,250.

Before you begin to pop open the champagne in celebration, also note that this was only for the four sections on the outer half of the dugouts and photo boxes. In the 11 sections around home plate, you will still have to pay $2,500, but those who can splurge that much will also receive – free of charge – an equal number of first row tickets for the rest of the season.

There are other “bargains/concessions” listed, such as the $350 off of first row seats in the final three sections down each foul line. Down from their original price of a grand apiece, Bronx Bomber fans that are reluctant (or unable) to purchase the high-priced seats can take advantage of the front office’s gratitude.

Speaking of the front office, Hal Steinbrenner “encourages” fans to purchase full season ticket plans in a group of Field Level sections to take advantage of this steal: go out and buy a three pack of the rest of the games (that would have probably gone unsold) and receive the fourth on the arm.

If you were stupid enough to already have taken out a home equity loan to buy tickets in these sections, you will receive anywhere from two freebies (if you originally purchased two or three seats) up to four (if you bought eight).

If you’re mouth is watering at these new opportunities to take in a game in the Bronx, then my hat is off to you. You are a better (and richer) person than I am. Even if I slept in pinstriped pajamas every night I would not subject myself, family or friends to this and give in to what has become a playground for the kind of “fan” who has replaced his scorecard with a Blackberry checking stocks that keep falling.

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