Citi Field Naming Rights Sold

FLUSHING, NY – With just a couple of days left before the opening of the Mets new ballpark, the team announced today the naming rights contract with Citigroup was purchased by Eddie Moscone, the owner of Moscone Bail Bonds, renaming the facility.

The stadium will now be known as Moscone Bail Bonds Ballpark, and the Mets seem very pleased with the results.

“We are very happy with the transaction,” said Mets COO Jeff Wilpon. “After months of bad press and financial losses, it’s nice to be affiliated with a company which we know does not accept bailouts.”

In business for over 30 years, the Moscone Corporation gained notoriety from the movie Midnight Run, which chronicled the wrong doings of former employee Jack Walsh by accepting a $300,000 bribe after releasing bail jumper Jonathan “The Duke” Mardukas.

Moscone almost went out of business but sued Walsh for the money.  After successfully winning and then investing the $300,000, he built what was a local Los Angeles based firm into a multinational corporation.

“Moscone Corp. has done very well,” said Moscone, who serves as the CEO. “And now with the economy tanking, we know there will be a plenty of bail jumpers, especially in New York, so we wanted to make a splash. What better place than in baseball.

“With guys like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens up on charges and A-Rod visiting prostitutes, it’s just a matter of time until one of these guys jumps [bail]. And who are you going to call? Moscone Bail Bonds.”

Even with both sides pleased with the name change, some Mets didn’t like the move.

“I don’t know about this,” said first baseman Carlos Delgado. “There are innocent people out there, who get arrested and not going to get a fair deal. Bail bonds companies thrive on that.”

“It kind of stinks,” added catcher Brian Schneider. “Midnight Run is one of my favorite movies, because of Jack Walsh. Moscone was just a secondary character. And now this stadium will be a secondary place.”

Although some grumbled, one Met seemed satisified.

“My dad was in law enforcement,” said third baseman David Wright. “So to be involved with a company that brings criminals to justice is a good thing.”

Already the Mets are answering the phone “Moscone Bail Bonds” but won’t be able to get all the former Citi Field signs down in time for Friday. They do hope the “Moscone Bail Bonds Ballpark” sign will adorn the Jackie Robinson Rotunda by opening day on April 13th.

Happy April Fools Day from the staff of NYSD.

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