Time Running Out for Playoff Run…Still Moving to Brooklyn?

The difficulty of the rest of the schedule the New Jersey Nets have this season can be looked at in two different ways.

With games against Boston, Orlando and the Lakers over the next few weeks, the Nets know they will have to rise to the next level against those teams or lay in the land of mediocrity and play golf in late April and May.

“We’ve been playing against some pretty good teams and they know how to close games,” Nets veteran guard Keyon Dooling told the Associated Press. “When you have experience and you have a team that’s been together, like Cleveland, they know how to close out games.”

On the other hand, with games against Charlotte, Chicago, Milwaukee, Philadelphia and the Knicks, the Nets will be able to make up some ground and if they get hot, they can still sneak into the last spot. Is it plausible? Perhaps. But only if this team gets their act together right now.

With Devin Harris still battling a strained shoulder, the pressure will now rest on the shoulders of Vince Carter. Who after scoring 41 points two weeks ago against the Clippers, seemed primed to lead the team into the post-season.

“Obviously, he’s the best player on our team, the leader on our team,” rookie Brook Lopez told Yahoo Sports after that game. “And as crazy as stuff he does, you kind of come to expect that from him.”

Lately, he hasn’t been as hot though, scoring 45 points over his last two games, which is far from average, but as stated before, the Nets need more if they are going to be one of the top sixteen teams in the NBA by the end of the regular season.

One person who could help out a bit more is Yi Jianlian, who is only averaging six points a game since the All-Star break.

As the Spanish say, basurero.

What’s going on in Brooklyn?- Frank Gehry says one think. Bruce Ratner and Brett Yormark say another. Who do you believe? Will the Nets ever move to Brooklyn?

Still projecting the start of the 2011 season as the time when they should be in Brooklyn, the Nets aren’t convincing anyone of anything anytime soon.

“We will get it done,” Yormark promised in a recent radio interview. “There is no ‘Plan B.’ We are going to Brooklyn.”

Yeah. Whatever you say buddy.

Photo by Bill Menzel.

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