What is Sean Williams Thinking?

What is Sean Williams thinking?

Just after getting his act together and finding his way back into the Nets rotation, Williams goes and gets himself in hot water after allegedly throwing a computer monitor and damaging other electronic equipment during a dispute at a cell phone store in Colorado. Damages were estimated at between $1,200 and $1,300.

The rumor now is that the team will be seeking anger management classes for the troubled youngster.

Pretty funny considering the fact that I’ve seen Yi Jianlian show more emotion while in a silent film than Williams has shown most of the season.

Rather than be firm with the kid, he gets a slap on the wrist, two-game suspension and even more coddling from the organization.

“Sean feels horrible. He feels horrible first for letting down the team, letting down his teammates. He feels horrible for making a poor decision. He’s sincerely heartbroken. He feels very, very bad.”—Coach Lawrence Frank told the Associated Press, after meeting with suspended F Sean Williams Wednesday.

You see that? What? This is an article and your incapable of seeing what I’m doing? Well, I’m playing the world’s smallest violin for Williams right now.

He’s heart-broken? He feels very, very bad? For what? Getting caught doing something he wasn’t supposed to be doing in the first place?

Are we at the point in our society where we still have to make excuses for these guys? Charles Barkley had it right when he said these guys aren’t role models and my entire argument has nothing to do with what little kids think of what Williams did, but the fact that he let his teammates down when they needed him the most.

Great job Sean, keep it up. I smell something in your future and it’s not an All-Star appearance. It’s most likely an episode of Pros vs Joes.

However, the Nets, for some reason, still have faith in the kid and are willing to work through these problems.

For what reason, I have no idea.

“He’s got a great heart and he’s made some poor decisions,” Frank told the Associated Press. “But if you were to sit down like we did today and talk to him, he’s a very engaging person and he’s just made some mistakes and he has to take responsibility for them and we just move from there.”

I know exactly where the team should move at this point; somewhere else.

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