Nets Bench Comes Up Big Against T-Wolves

Well, I said after the team’s last game that the Nets had to get more production from anyone not named Devin Harris or Vince Carter and that’s exactly what happened tonight.

Almost prophetic, Carter told the media after team got blowout against Washington that the Nets were going to have to take out their frustration on Minnesota, “plain and simple.”

Again that’s exactly what happened.

However, in the least likely of ways, it wasn’t the combo of Harris and Carter, which combined for 34 points by the way, that frustrated the crap out of Al Jefferson and Craig Smith for 48 minutes.

In the end, when seven guys hit three-pointer’s and get to double figures, you know you did something right as a team.

However, that wasn’t the only thing that went right for the Nets tonight.

Yi Jianlian played extremely well, notching 16 points and five rebounds, but didn’t get much playing time after the first half. Even Bobby Simmons was a factor, hitting three of four from beyond the arc, scoring 12 points for the first time this season. Nonetheless, in addition to Simmons and Yi, I loved the way Brook “Big Show” Lopez played tonight. Active on the boards on both ends of the floor all night, Lopez was a force, drawing fouls like a shifty point guard. Hitting his free throws as well, I think this is was a turning point for the youngster and a game he should watch if he hits a rut during the course of the season.

That wasn’t all though.

Simply put, the bench was uber solid. Keyon Dooling was sharp on both ends, and was shooting his heart out. Ryan Anderson and Stromile Swift didn’t get much playing time, and were still factors on both ends combining for 13 points and eight rebounds. Jarvis Hayes was also doing his thing, hitting three points at will [where was this guy when I was playing NBA Jam in arcades 10 years ago?].

When the bench plays this well, no team in the league has a chance. Yes, I said it. Want to fight about it? [sorry bad “Family Guy” reference] The only question is, can they keep it up?

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see about that.

On another note, I just want to say that the Yes Network broadcast of tonight’s game was utterly hilarious, in the best way possible, that is. From Ian Eagle’s and Jim Spanarkel’s two or three minute mention of their favorite weathermen and the supreme focus on Eagle’s jump shot [not bad if you ask me]to the endearingly charming Michele Beadle’s make-out session with the Phoenix Sun’s mascot, these guys were enjoyable and at their best.

Keep it up guys.

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