Father Murphy Looks Back on Career with Mets
by: Patrick Hickey, Jr. | Senior Writer - NY Sports Day | Sunday, July 1, 2007

BROOKLYN, NY - Throwing the ceremonial first pitch at Keyspan Park before the Cyclones took on the Hudson Valley Renegades last week, Father Daniel Murphy looked back on his amazing career with the Mets.

“It was fantastic,” said Murphy, who was the Mets team chaplain from 1984-90. “They treated me wonderful from top to bottom, it was an awesome experience.”

Spending time with Mets legends Keith Hernandez, Gary Carter, Daryl Strawberry and Doc Gooden during his time in Flushing, Murphy formed bonds with some players that took him out of the stadium and into the player’s personal lives.

“I did Sid Fernandez’s wedding, Jesse Orosco’s confirmation and several of Wally Backman’s children’s baptisms. They were all such good men. It was a really great experience.”

However, despite playing a part in some of the player’s lives, preaching to over 100 players during his time there, Murphy did mention he had a few favorites.

“The most devote Met that I ever came across was probably Rusty Staub, even though Eddie Lynch and Danny Heep are probably a close second and third. Rusty was the one who showed the biggest spiritual devotion. He would always make sure that he made it to mass. He always asked me what time it was; he always went out of his way.”

Despite cherishing his time with the Mets organization however, Murphy wasn’t happy with the way his ceremonial pitch panned out.

“I was embarrassed a little that I didn’t reach the plate,” said Murphy. “I one bounced it.”