Q & A with Jonathan Schemmel
by: Patrick Hickey, Jr. | Senior Writer - NY Sports Day | Wednesday, March 21, 2007

BROOKLYN, NY - One of the Cyclones most consistent hitters last season, Jonathan Schemmel was an unsung hero on a Brooklyn team that made the playoffs. However, in spite of his offensive prowess, Schemmel was equally adept on defense and formed an extremely competent double play tandem with Cyclones shortstop Luis Rivera. Sitting down with NYSportsDay, Schemmel talked about last season and his hopes for the future.

Sports Day: Which position player on the Cyclones team do you think has the highest ceiling? What do you like about his game and what do you think he needs to work on the most in order to develop into a big leaguer?

Dustin Martin. Heís a five-tool player. He runs around well in the outfield and has a great arm, especially for a left fielder and we all know what he can do offensively.

Sports Day: Which pitcher do you think has the highest big league upside and why?

Eric Brown. He really turned his season around last year. He gets ahead of guys and thatís how heís effective. He doesnít rely on the strikeout. As a middle infielder, I love the fact that heís a ground ball pitcher, he keeps me busy.Ē

Sports Day: Who do you think is the biggest sleeper prospect, position prospect or pitcher? Who do you think will fly under the radar, doesn't get the attention he deserves, but will become a quality big leaguer?

I hope itís me, but I really like Jason Jacobs. He knows how to control the game and he does a great job behind the plate, plus he can hit.Ē

Sports Day: This off-season, what do you need to work on the most to be ready for next season and what will you be doing to work on it?

More consistent with everything I do. I have to learn how to not get too high or too low and just ride the wave and be more consistent.

Sports Day: What would you say is your biggest strength as a ball player? What do you bring to the field and to your team?

My ability to move guys around the base paths offensively, I donít hit home runs, I just try and be a solid player and do the small things.Ē

Sports Day: What did you think of your season this year? How do you think it went for you?

I certainly didnít think I was going to hit .400 here [in Brooklyn], but I did have higher expectations for myself. I think defensively I have opened some eyes and proved I can play well defensively every day. Overall, Iím pretty pleased though because most people donít get a chance to win at this level and to be a part of the turnaround we had. It was pretty cool.

Sports Day: To give our fans a better idea of the type of player (pitcher) you are, who would you compare your game to at the Major League level and why?

Cal Ripken Jr. That guy showed up every day and played. Hurt, sick, anything, he showed up and played the right way. Iíve always looked up to him and it would be great one day to hear someone say I played like him.